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1.0 beta 17 Drupal 7 -- Is our version out of date? Please let us know.


OpenPublic is an open source content management system based on Drupal and tailored for building websites for government

What is OpenPublic?

OpenPublic is a Drupal-based content management system (CMS) born from a decade of work building secure, scalable, transparent websites for all sectors of government. It is a community-driven platform supported by a network of innovative open source contributors committed to Open Government.


Customizable Look and Feel

Select (with a single click) either of the beautiful, modern themes -- which are cross-browser compatible -- that come standard, or you can apply your own custom design via the fully-accessible CSS editor.

Accessibility and 508 Compliance

Accessibility and Section 508 Compliance are key foundations incorporated in the public-facing user experience and back-end administrative dashboard, as well. All forms and content styles meet ADA guidelines.

Intuitive Dashboard

The intuitive dashboard makes adding and updating content easy (and enjoyable). And stress-free rich-media management means adding graphics and data visualization elements is as simple as clicking "upload."